NAN Ranch Ride 2018

Find all information on the 2018 NAN Ranch NATRC ride here.


I got a beautiful note from Nancy Rivera thanking us for “allowing” her to  help this year( she was on a P&R crew ) She did a great job as did all our P&R people and is one of the reasons we got the ride responses below. Vicki

Below response to question  if he would be willing to volunteer again.

Sign me up !  I had a great time…. meeting new horse people ( & some great new horses ), & getting to see

the inside of the NAN Ranch was a special treat. We hope to get back to the ranch  looonnng before the next trail-ride


We should all be thanking YOU.  A truly great job of organizing …& good food to boot ,

Charlie     C/C


From Joan King

I had a great time and sorry I couldn’t help out on Sunday (or ride again on Sunday);  my shoulder was pretty bad..had an xray yesterday and will do some physical therapy.

The ride was a great experience for me and Norm and I had a lot of help from Nancy Mueller.  She kept time on the trail which I am not used to (old endurance riders do things differently), and there is definitely more to the ride than just riding.  I will practice for the next one and keep up on the NATRC website.  Most of all..the people were great.

Great job putting on the NAN Ranch ride this past weekend. We did the entire drive back to CO in 12 hours on Monday. I’m sure my pony is very tired.


Loved your P&R people. They were very competent.


Loved it NAN Ranch. What a beautiful place.   From Diane Wingle

Howdy Cindi and Victoria,

Just wanted to thank both of you and The Gila Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen & Women.  All of you did a wonderful job of making it such a fun

weekend.  We were so impressed with all the information that came out ahead of time for the volunteers.  As a mentioned to Cindi we are going to plagiarize some of it for Island In The Sky.

We loved the way you switched the camp around too, made it easier for us competitors.  We really loved the trails and the way they were marked with the pink and white.  Great job of signage and having someone there where it may have been confusing and to open gates.  Timing was great too for Novice/CP.

The portion of the weekend that stands out the most for us as we reflected back on the weekend was the curiosity and the positive comments from all the volunteers.  They were all wonderful and positive and that made the weekend so special for both Greg and myself.

I attached a picture of Khaleesi with all her awards.  The cooler fits her perfect and I need to get a bit for the beautiful Headstall.

Thanks a Million for everyone’s hard work and please let your chapter know how much we appreciated each and every one of them.

Greg, Khaleesi and Juleen

NAN Ranch Ride 2018

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