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National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act support letter

Floating around Congress is the National Forest Stewardship Act, which acknowledges and validates cheap (read: free) labor to keep national forest trails free from obstacles, trash, erosion, and all the hazards we know and love. The proposed legislation seeks to “ʺensure that the Forest Service will prioritize its trail maintenance work and the public will have a voice on which trails are most important to them,”ʺ as well as to “ʺhelp outfitters and guides play an increased role (like anybody else is doing it anyway) in maintaining trails on public lands . . . at no cost to the Federal government.”ʺ An effort is afoot to bury congress in paper in support of this no-­‐‑brainer legislation. To that end, a form letter is out and about that everybody needs to sign and return to Mickey and Rawlings – here’s the PDF (Udall Letter).


Gerry Engel on Facebook – read the article.



Donna Tillmann, standing by the BCH Adopt-a-Highway sign at mile 108 on US 180, grins in triumph over her underwear find (Mens, Haines, size L) at the end of the March 20 trash detail. The other crew members, who had to be satisfied with mostly shards of glass and ancient cigarette filters, were:

Cindi deCapiteau, Doug Dexter, Meyoni Geouge, Ted Miles, Colleen Poole, Ken Poole, Fran Rawlins, Stan Rawlins, Laurie Wlosinski, and Tim Wolcott.

Minutes of Feb. Meeting – BCH21214Minutes

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