Welcome to the Gila Back Country Horsemen of New Mexico

2020 NATRC ride at the NAN Ranch!
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2020 GBCH membership form

Link to the site to learn about the proposed low altitude jet training flights over the Gila National Forest – Peaceful Gila Skies.com

Trails in our area can lead you through extreme mountains with breath taking vistas, into deep canyons with gurgling streams, and through wonderful forests.


They can also lead you across open grasslands, mountains and hills covered with pinon and juniper trees, and through sandy dry stream bottoms. What an opportunity it is to experience our wilderness and back country areas on these trails.


The Back Country Horsemen mission is to assure continued reasonable use of pack and saddle stock on public lands.  To promote this effort, Gila Chapter BCH volunteers work in coordination with the Forest Service in building and maintaining trails, developing and maintaining horse facilities, and participating in other activities that support equine use.  Everyone who loves the Gila National Forest benefits from this work.

BCH trails1         BCH #2012-vi    Taking a break from trail clearing

New members are always welcome.   At our monthly meetings, we often talk about which trails are clear and which ones need work.  We also have interesting educational speakers and group discussions.  Your name as a member adds to our strength, even if you don’t have time to participate right now.   You are encouraged to come, add your experience to ours, benefit from our knowledgeable trail riders, and find compatible trail buddies.

Our meetings are generally on the 2nd Wednesday of every month starting at 6 pm at WNMU Watts Hall located across the street from CVS Pharmacy on the NW corner of Hwy. 180 and Swan. Parking is on Cactus St. Enter via the NW door (it will be propped open). We do however, occasionally change times and dates so it is a good idea to call or email to verify.

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